Eureka Artist Collaboration

In commemoration of the release of "Eureka / Symphony Poem Eureka Seven Hye Volence", "Eureka collaboration" by 5 contemporary artists is realized!
Artists affected by Eureka series each expressed Eureka and created new visuals.


"Symphoto Eureka Seven" broadcasted in 2005 attracted many people in the view of the world with robots and subculture, and in 2009, the movie version "Symphoto Eureka Seven Pocket is full of rainbow", 2012 "Eureka Seven Ao", which is a TV broadcast, and the theater version of the theater version from 2017, "Symphoto Eureka Seven High Ever Review" started.

The story of Eureka, which started from "Symphony Poetry Eureka Seven" across 16 years, has also been completed with "Eureka / Symphony Poem Eureka Seven Hye Volution", which was released in 2021.
AKIHabara Premium Collection has phased the animation works such as subculture and countercal charts, and has dropped to a street culture item that can usually be used in Eureka's world depicted by 5 contemporary artists.
Original paintings and replication originals will be sold to enjoy apparel, skateboard deck, and art work itself.
Enjoy the artist's individuality and Eureka fused.




A unique scheme style using Adobe Illustrator

In addition to ARTWORK such as Tekken, DartsLive, B-SideLabel, Wacom, speed also in live performance, speeds and weapons in LA, San Diego, Paris, Shanghai, Taiwan, etc.


Digital Art Battle Limits Japan Tournament

2019 King, World Tournament 2019 Runner-up.

Work collection [Speed ​​Star] Launched from Genko.


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Keigo Yoe


From Osaka Prefecture.
He worked as a character modeler at a game company-he starts to work on an illustrator through a cartoonist assistant. As of 2021 he is active as a video illustrator.
He has also been a dancer and has a deep knowledge of the street culture from the experience of being active.
We announced an illustration that expresses a cyberpunk world view that collects attention centering on SNS and mixing vivid color and motion graphics and effects.
2021 The most topical artist ADO, EVE, Anison singer He is in charge of MV such as Ninomiya Yui.


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Tomikawa Mitsuyoshi


Contemporary fine painter drawn from Tenchi creation to the World of Post Human.

His works based on his precise style and philosophical themes are highly evaluated in Japan and overseas.


Tomikawa is affecting Post Human Thoughts, and the history of humanity and the future of humanity will be writing as a "World Heritage Space Version" It is a theme.


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From Tokyo to various places from Japan, and underwriting overseas, collaboration with the character from the character, overseas brands, corporate advertisements, TV, CM, YouTube, etc. Japanese artist handling graffiti art in every field.


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Jun Inagawa


Anime Draft / Creator / DJ

Born in 1999. He wants to like anime and manga from a young age and draw pictures. He spent a junior high school in the United States Calfornia, and has greatly influenced the street culture I met there, and since 2017, La he started artist activity at a base. He plays a collaboration between Vlone and Paradise, and after returning to return, it draws a work that has dropped Japanese punk and technical charcher, and attracts attention in various underground scenes.

He played a collaboration with Ginko Boyz, Neighborhood, Medicom Toy, and his own first art "Information Destruction Mass Media Crash" (MEAZ Co., Ltd.) has been published in 2021. He also works as a DJ with a mono collecting population "YAGI", which also leads to ocamotolais.

Currently, the production of the TV anime "Magical Girl Magical Destroyers", which he serves as a draft he is decided.


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イノセンス浮世絵木版画 / INNOCENCE UKIYO_E

Innocence Ukiyo Eki Print / Innocence Ukiyo_e

『ONE PIECE』 Ukiyo-e Woodcut