Attack on Titan Accessories

進撃の巨人 アクセサリー

Collaboration accessories with the popular "Attack on Titan", which are popular worldwide, will be released worldwide from 12:00 noon Japan time on March 24 (Friday).

"The essence of Japan to you."

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The nine giants are a special giant who has the special abilities that appear in the attack giant and can use intelligence.
We created rings and pendants with the motif of the "super large giant", "armor giant", which brought great impact in the work, and the final form of the main character Ellen.



The design is by the designer of the original accessory brand HARAKIRI designer TAKASHI YOSHIZAKA, and he himself is one of the fans, and does not impair the power of the giant as one of the fans, seeks a satisfactory design that can be used as an accessory, and manually from the original type. The production was done.



Since 1997, he joined a company that handles Okat utensils such as movies and theater, worked in Toei studies, and was engaged in art -related work of special effects programs, and established the accessory brand "HARAKIRI" in 2003.
After the 20th anniversary of the HARAKIRI brand foundation in 2023, the brand will be restarted as a concept jewelry brand that emphasizes the concept and philosophy of the work regardless of the material.
As a "HARAKIRI Designer; Takashi Yoshizaka", "Darkness Artist; TAKASHI YOSHIZAKA" will develop a wide range of art activities such as drawing and armor dressing.
The concept of the art activity is "by closing up the dark part of people and the world, creating a balance of yin and yang to lead the truth."




In the super -large giant pendant, the steam that gushes out of the giant's face and body, and the giant of the armor clings to the ribs of the rings from the evil form, and the armor giant clenched the denture. It has a design that is also concerned with details.


■ Artist comment

・ "Armor Giant Ring"
I was struggling to insert something like the liner in the latter half of the rampage that the armor giant had. The setting of the hard part of the giant of the armor is yellowish, so the material is close to it. I'm glad if you regret what you have done, but you can feel the dark hero who keeps fighting for humanity.

・ "Super large giant pendant"
The difficult part was the mouth.
It is a part where the belt -like is subtle, and I think the expression is very important, so I finished it especially carefully. I also wanted to express "rawness", so the material was selected with brass. Feel the power of a super -large giant that is so intense enough to break everything.

・ "Ereng"
The "East Giant" was impossible to drop into the accessories at all. The face is ferocious and interesting, but what about hair and bones? ?
Because the character has been completed too much, the penance is that nothing can be cut or not possible. So I asked myself. "Where is the most terrible angle of the last giant?" After all it is a destroyer glaring from the front. I have to sharpen it to the limit.
And this time it was designed.
I wanted to make it a size -free specification, so I selected Silver 925 as a material.



[Product information]

Attack on Titan Accessories "Armor Giant Ring"

Product size: aboutW25mm x H30mm x D35mm

Size development:#17#26issue

Material: Brass

price:42,000Yen (excluding tax)


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Attack on Titan Accessories "Ellenging"

Product size: aboutW20mm x H25mm x D25mm

Size development:#17#30issue

Material: Silver925

price:38,000Yen (excluding tax)


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Attack on Titan Accessories "Super Large Giant Pendant"

Product size: aboutW15mm x H25mm x D20mm

Chain size: Total length50cm

Material: Brass

price:28,000Yen (excluding tax)


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