Attack on Titan Pure Malt Whiskey "Keishi"

進撃の巨人 ピュアモルトウイスキー『継志』

Collaborationwiseki is on sale between "Attack on Titan" and "Toa Sake Brewery", which are popular worldwide!

"The essence of Japan to you."

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Too Sake Brewery400The will of the manufacturing that is inherited from the age has started a new story by the resurrection of the distillery.

The story will start in earnest from the "inherited giant power", which also appears in the work, and the hero Ellen has "revived" as a giant on the battlefield with its inherited power.


The end of the "Attack Giant" and the beginning of a new story of "Toa Sake Brewery" have been born, and the Pure Molt Whiskey is suitable for both milestones.


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<About whiskey>



Elements reminiscent of sweetness: Maple, milk chocolate -like scent

Elements reminiscent of plant systems: Tree, Igusa -sama scent

Elements reminiscent of gorgeousness: citrus, floral scent



It is characterized by a smooth texture, such as the taste of caramel coming from sweetness, the taste of nuts and cereals coming from creamy and oily, and the taste of grilled apples.


Blender: Production Headquarters Distilled Division Manager Hideto Shimazaki

Only for this project8Year,10Year,12The year's Scottish raw sake was blended in an exquisite balance, creating a whiskey that could not be obtained elsewhere.


The cosmetic box is based on a heavy gray like a castle wall, engraved the product name and the emblem of the investigative corps with gold leaf, and a green cloth reminiscent of a cloak. Combined with the golden bottle of whiskey, it expresses the color of the character dressed in the corps. In the character of "Joshi" in the bottle label, Ellen and Levi are engraved.


【Product Info】
Product Name: Attack on Titan Whiskey "Joshi"
Capacity: 700ml
Raw material: malt
Alcohol: 43%
Number of bottles: 1,000 bottles
Hopeful retail price: 19,000 yen + tax

* Cannot be sold to customers under the age of 20.
* Delivery is scheduled for June 2023.
* Please note that in the case of purchases from overseas, there may be import restrictions depending on the country.

■ Planning/Released: Tokyo Dub Agent Co., Ltd.
■ Manufacturing / Distributor: Too Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
■ Overseas Distributor: From JAPAN Co., Ltd.

■ Product shooting cooperation: Bar & UNDER (



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©︎Isahai Sao / Kodansha / "Attack on Titan"THE FINAL SEASON Production committee

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