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Memorial ear of Heisei Gamera 3 part

What is the work to be delivered to the fans.

There are many fans of men and women

What is the right for Gamera?


It was ahead of thinking that I thought

You can wear it regardless of men and women and age,

You can organize the true fan of Gamera,

A work that talks over generations.


We have their thoughts on their chest,

Special only this timeTShirt

I was planning to plan.


Among them,

"The best one for life."

In the concept of

World's highest quality ultimateTKeep creating a shirt

Best Brand "EIJI"Tags" and tags,

I have built a history of 90 years

Using skilled sewing techniques

I was carefully created a single wear.


Was attached to the details

Design with condensed in the Heisei Gamera.

And the material of the world's highest peak

Implemented craftsmen's technology,

It was supported by the quality that can be worn

The ultimate gamera love is put together,

I am thinking about it.


[Notes on multiple purchases]



Each product will be limited order order, so

Even if you wish to purchase multiple

I would like to be 1 product 3 points in one settlement.


You can not purchase several types of products at the same time.

At check out

Please note that an error will occur.

Please settle for each product.


Customers will be inconvenient, but

Thank you for your cooperation.



["EIJI" characteristic]



In order to make the best kindness and touch on the material,

It is said that the king of cotton is said to have the best touch

Organic grown "Sbin-based sea cotton breed"

It is the ultimate super long cotton

Use "Ultimate Pima Cotton".


To put out lightness and comfortable

It is rare in T-shirt

It is also used in high-quality shirts

Twist the thread with thin 80th,

To make a beautiful gloss and durable

40 gauge fucked knitting method

Continued in the history of 90 years

One by one is sewed carefully with skilled sewing technology.


"T-shirt of life of life"

"Best T-shirt in Life"

To provide

T-shirt custom made

We also offer a reinstallation service.


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【Ultimate T-SHIRTS】



【Ultimate T-SHIRTS】

Price: ¥ 32,000 + Tax • Shipping

Product Details


Length 83 cm / Width 65 cm / Shoulder width 64 cm / Sleeve length 68 cm


Ultimate Pima (Organic Cotton) 100%


Domestic limited 50 points


※ Shipping is scheduled for July 2021.



In existing organic farming law
In the cotton produced,
The world's highest peak organic cotton,
With EIJI using 100% Ultimate Pima,
Original Layered T-shirt jointly developed.
The part that corresponds to the surface of T-shirt
Luxury also knitted 3 times normal cotton with high density
Use special Heavy weight fabric
I made a strong making,
The inner part of the layered sleeve is
Used in high-end stalls and shirts
Used thin twisted threads
Use the ultimate lightness and fabric that is sticking to the comfort.
In addition, it is over-sized image of gamera
Not only is wearing or wandering,
Silhouette which does not choose bottom
Trial and error land length and width,
Layered sleeve length
Both fashion and comfortable land
I want to wear over and over again
A high-spec single arrival was realized.


According to Mr. Hirodada Hirodada, "Monster Painter" on the front desk
In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Heisei Gamera,
Printed a newly written "myth".
It is also a letter title of the first generation Gamera
"Gamera the Guardian of Universe" logo
Image of vanishing fist into right sleeve
The back of the Heisei Gamera 3
Print a Japanese title logo.
While expressing the memory of the Heisei Gamera 3 part,
It is a highly fashionable design.
"Gamera is a bowl.
Ancient people make many prototypes,
Call mana to the device,
Gamera was born "(G3)
With the ultimate body suitable for
Born by the ultimate design
I want you to experience T-shirts.









© kadokawa NH / 1995

© kadokawa NHFN / 1996

© kadokawa TNHN / 1999

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