Gamera × Silver Accessory

It is what can be worn usually, regardless of men and women,
Silver accessories that are not dependent on the season.
However, rather than accessing the gamera,
I like a big gamera
Harakiri's Designer Yoshizaka,
We also spots in the attractive enemy monster of Gamera,
You can enjoy the shaping of Gamera even everyday
I also combine fashion
I made a work.
Designer Yoshisaka is manually manually
We manufacture wax original type,
How to see when wearing with Gamera fans
Deforme considering safety.
We pursued balance with fashionability.
In addition, it can be used for a long time
Considering the aged degradation unique to Silver
It is a very ultimate accessory.

[Notes on multiple purchases]



Each product will be limited order order, so

Even if you wish to purchase multiple

I would like to be 1 product 3 points in one settlement.


You can not purchase several types of products at the same time.

At check out

Please note that an error will occur.

Please settle for each product.


Customers will be inconvenient, but

Thank you for your cooperation.






It is a heart handling for our creation.

We are always for your work,

Humble and seriously working.


If that heart is broken,

We are not lost against yourself

You have to exercise Harakiri.


To that matter, I want to be sincere without getting out of my hand.


This modern person has been forgotten,

Will it be a mitigation of the warrior spirit?


Harakiri (Harakiri)

It is assumed that it is a brand name.


"Harakiri is saved when the honor of honor is saved, Harakiri is a practical place from shame"


【 Harakiri Designer]



Takashi Yoshizaka



Harakiri (Harakiri) with a brand name.

Roen, Roar, Back Bone,

DITA Japan, Tsubaki Anna


A number of artists

With apparel designer

Conduct collaboration.

Separated Masked Rider W

Tie-up during play is regular.


▼ Harakiri Official Site ▼





Heisei Gamera is also three parts

I went to see the theater at the time of release,

It is a very favorite piece.


The anniversary plan of the favorite work

It is said that

Designer is exhausted.

I have to do this yet.


While welcoming or enthusiasm

I feel responsible,

The creator that lets you do this project

I think there is no such thing in the whole country, so

Thank you very much.


Gamera fans around the world look

"If this is!"


I thought I had to make it.


As an accessory from the buy side

It is never cheap, so

This is a lifetime

I'm glad if you think you can think.

Even with the same three-dimensional objects, with figures etc.

Another flavoring attraction

I want to feel it.


People who become a first jewelry this time

Because there may be

Compared with other brands

It is shame shaped shaping and comfortable,

I was at heart to make something more than price.








About aging processing


A technique for intentionally creating texture of aging changes.

With the aging of the silver

Sulfurized and black-wound texture,

By leaving a lot from the beginning

Produces stereoscopic and shadows intentionally.

This time, use a specially blended smoked solution,

It is finished with natural and dark eyes and texture.



【Harakiri Designer Yoshizaka Comment】


Black smoke in natural conditions as much as possible

I made a lot of images.


Originally the monster is everyone blackish (laughs)

Only Iris is a vivid color, but

Because the part of the tentacle looks blackish

I made a similar process.

But it is black

Jewelry is not good, so

By sharing the corner and the edge part, etc.

I had a natural merisure.


Imagine after the robot fights,

Take a fine scratch and put it in,

It is hard to put out in the painting of the figure, etc.

The feeling of oldness unique to metal

It was aware that it can be expressed.


Especially for Legion's pendant and ring

It is called the gap with the eyeball part,

Beautiful eyes with a blackish body

There is a pot

Such unbalanced

I am commensurating well.

About Wax Modeling Method


Wax used to make a normal type

Called "Hard Wax",

A brazing material specialized for modeling is referred to.

Shake it out of it

modeling=It is a method of producing a prototype.



【Harakiri Designer Yoshizaka Comment】


Normally, hard wax

Like wood carving a hard mass

I'm getting out, but

I am a soft wax,

Used to pour into molds

Use a liquid.


It says that it will be filled with it,

Orthodox jewelry prototype

I am making a way that I do not do much.


The goodness of the soft wax is

For example, the unique to Gamera

Flow line shapes from the forehead to the nose,

It is easy to express soft lines.

Monsters and species

Ideal for expressing.


By the way, the soft wax used is

Hardness reduction and stickiness etc.

Because we use what I was prepared for myself,

Even if others use this wax

The same molding quality is

It may not be possible to get out.





【Trauma Gamera Face Ring】


Price: 25,000 yen + Tax • Shipping

Product Details


Silver 925 (aging processing)
Domestic limited 50 points

※ Shipment is scheduled for June 2021.


At "Gamera 3 Evil Gods Awakening",

It was drawn as "evil incarnation"

It is a negative figure of Gamera

"Trauma Gamera" by designer manual work

Reproduces by Wax Modeling Method.


Even during the drama at the angle of

Because it is only one moment,

Expressions from the details and the front face inflate imagination and match the fans

Conscious of powerful trauma gamera statue

I made it manufactured.


By applying aging,

As you get used, the shade of the three-dimensional becomes stronger,

You can make the monster ease more.


Same as in the way

I would like to look at the angle from the bottom.





【GaoS Face Ring】


Price: 28,000 yen + Tax • Shipping

Product Details


Silver 925 (aging processing)




Domestic limited 50 points


※ Shipment is scheduled for June 2021.



From "Gamera Large Monster Aerial Final"

Complete sterilization of the ferocious expression of Gaos in the adult state.


The part where the designer is the most common in production

"While emphasizing characteristics

Secure safety. "


To highlight the silhouette of Gaos,

Should the head's projection sharpen,

As a jewelry, there is a sharp part

There is a possibility of causing injury and the like.


I solved it, Gaos

Angle reminiscent of "depressed look".


The protrusion part of both ends of the head is good at the time of wearing a ring

Round to fit the finger base,

Gaoos look at Tokyo Tower

When holding eggs,

If you are a fan, you will be able to sympathize

Angle adjustment was performed so that it floats up.


We highlighted black by aging processing

Coloring has further enhanced gaosus.





【Soldier Legionling】


Price: ¥ 32,000 + Tax • Shipping

Product Details


Silver 925 (aging processing)




Domestic limited 50 points


※ Shipment is scheduled for June 2021.


From "Gamera 2 Legion Attack"

Gamera and humanity were fallen into the bottom of fear and despair

Soldier Legion's face part

Inspirational item.


Because there are many projections as well as Gaos

Considering safety aspects,

Some small eyes, such as two or two ends of the corner

Create to the details Deformed with exquisite balance.


Furthermore, Soldier Legion's impressive

By using a large eyeball

Chromatic color and glow are reproduced.


By aging processed overall,

In the gap with the color of the main unit

We have given the subject of the eyeball part.





【Soldier Region Pendant】


Sales price: 10,000 yen + Tax • Shipping

Product Details


Tin alloy (aging), stainless steel, resin


Necklace 500mm


Domestic limited 50 points


※ Shipment is scheduled for June 2021.


The main body adopts a tin alloy in consideration of weight reduction.

The chain is made of stainless steel,

Sulfurization by sweat and sebum is reduced,

Strength is also enhanced.



【Iris tentacle pendant】


Sales price: 7,500 yen + Tax • Shipping

Product Details


Tin alloy (aging), stainless steel


Necklace 500mm


Domestic limited 50 points


※ Shipment is scheduled for June 2021.


From "Gamera 3 evil god awakening"

The ultimate destruction of Keiris tentacles complete three-dimensional.


Attached the tentacle tip arrow-like part

Reproduce multiple fine patterns.


With gamera fan and notice

It is manufactured with a size that is easy to use everyday.


Telly with smoke-like colors,

I made Gamera more and more

Iris tentacles were realized realistically.


Like Iris with many tentacles,

Multiple tentacle pendants

It is not bad to soak in the mood of the destruction.







© kadokawa NH / 1995

© kadokawa NHFN / 1996

© kadokawa TNHN / 1999

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