"Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045" "Motoko" Ukiyo-E Woodcut Print All World Limited / First 500

“Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045”  "MOTOKO" Ukiyo-e Woodcut Print 全世界限定・先着300枚





During the tradition from the Edo period, modern times.

Representative of Japan Art.

Edo Ukiyo-e-painting image is embodied in modern beauty painting.


Ukiyo-e, a traditional crafts representing Japan. But now the whole industry is in danger. The craftsmans who are inheriting this traditional technology continuing from the Edo period are now shrinking to a scale of several tens of people throughout Japan, and it is also focused on maternity of young people, while production of production including raw materials It is a fact that the reduction is reduced and the number is less.


Together with the people of the active craftsman (painter, carbird, sliding teacher) who still convey this Ukiyo-e-writing technique, it is possible to combine the "Ghost Movement Corps" that can be said to be a modern animation content gold tower in traditional technology To create a real Ukiyo-e, and know people around the world from new angles. And I would like to contribute to one end of the development without making this culture that Japan boasts to the world.


Under such thoughts, I made a work production without compromise this time.


I want to deliver to you. The essence of Japanese traditional crafts.





Ghost Motion Corps SAC_2045 Ukiyo-eki Print "Element"



It is the ultimate Ukiyo-e-tree printed by tradition and currently woven


A Ukiyo-eki that can be said to be an analog vertex based on the first key visual of Mr. Ilya Kubuznob, who is the character design of "Ghost Movement SAC_2045 (hereinafter referred to as SAC_2045)" and embodies the modern motif of the attacking machine. How should I express the work in prints?


Key while carrying the foot from Ukiyoe craftsmen to the people of Ukiyo-e's craftsmanship, and to all ukiyoe techniques, inks, Japanese paper, and framed all, while adopting the tradition and quality of the tradition and quality. A Japanese traditional crafts furnished by visual depictions, and an expression that can only be done here.


With the pride of Japanese Ukiyo-e's pride, the ultimate Ukiyo-e-style painting created all manually created is completed here.



■ Ilya Kubuznob-Comment

The picture of the element depicted is the hand of the leading craftsman of Japan,
It is unbelievable to have a wonderful Ukiyo-e,
I think it is a great honor.

History of Ukiyo-e, in only one
The history of me and the shell drilling machine continuing from 6 years old
It is a very important one because it contains all.



By Hirai, National Treasure Iwano City,

Ultimate Echizen-Printow



"Keisten Iwano City Tei"


Instead of the 1978 he won the Keiji Iwano City. In June 2000, it has been certified as a holder (human national treasure) in the country's important intangible cultural property "Echizen votes".


Continue to make "Echizeno Sakai Board" that has been received from generations in the culture of Echizen.


"Birthdays (Kozuki Hososhi)" is a raw material, and it is a raw material, and Japanese tradition and a Japanese paper backed by history.


The brush is also good, and in addition to the paper-forish paper, it is used for printed prints, and the ultimate Japanese paper that can withstand the pressure sliding in a wooden version is used this time, and the texture of the traditional Japanese tradition of Edo et al. , 100 years later, I was able to adopt this time with the appearance that continues to be remained in 200 years.



It is completed through 7 sheets of sheet trees and more than 40 times,

Ultimate hand-carved aesthetics of handrail.






Ukiyo-e-wood print is first divided the woodpoon based on the design and starts with one by one.


It is a continuous work for the scary, with a continuous work for the view, and the effect of the entire screen is large, and it can be said to be a perfectly shifting gift, and it can also be said to be a gift of many years of craftsmen.


Eight, hair, orypat, of course, continue to be carved manually, including the part of the background or the background that does not appear in the color. Since the use of a delicate wood screen is used to use a delicate wood screen, it is lacking in the case of being sluggish or damaged, so all the Ukiyo-e has become possible to deliver only for limited production. .


This time, it has been developed with 300 limited production in the whole world as the maximum number of items that can be maximized. It is not possible to resale, which is limited to this limited production.



【Carving Touchi-Sakurako Hakko】


After graduating from high school, she is independent through training for the craftsmanship support project in Arakawa Ward, Tokyo She is currently contributing to the cultural inheritance of Ukiyo-e-tree plates with her outstanding technologies as few of the few Industry certified female trading.
2003 (Heisei 15) Demonstrated at the Edo Tokyo Museum "Oedo Hachi-Hachimachi Exhibition"
2005 (Heisei 17) Demonstration at Nioki Nioshima "Seikoshi Edo Hundred Scene Commercial Memorial Exhibition"
2008 (Heisei Museum of Edo Tokyo Museum "Hokusai Manga Exhibition" Renovated Ukiyo-e-Writer Printed Scorpus Technology Save Association Member Tokyo Traditional Wood Edition Art Works Research Institute




Seven sheets, after the boarding of the 14-sided part part is carved all the carving, this time, the work of the traditional paint starts on each color. This is a world where the craftsmanship is required to cause shift to the entire screen when the one millimeter deviation and pressure are too weak.


In addition, if you do not slid the color, it will finally pursued the ultimate color while changing the paint several ten times. The first pale blue is strongly vivid, which is strongly vivid, which is famous for Edo period Katsushika Hokusai, and the inside is a serious feeling and a base using the Japan's former tradition "Honzo".


Furthermore, while conscious of the collaboration with the modern, the back is not used in the back, so it is a vivid pink as it is not used now, and the entire screen is populated as a result.



【Thruster-Tatsuya Ito】


Born in Tokyo Nezu 1965.
In 1985, he will serve after his father 's father's fourth generation Ito Toto, and gain training at the original of Hikasuhiko His Master.
Exhibition and demonstration of the first Ukiyo-e-style exhibition exhibition in 1994.
1995 Tokyo Excellent Technician Governor's Award Winner.
1998 "Hokusai Cartoon" 15 books (joint sliding).
Demonstrated in Europe (Austria, Hungary, France).
2001 Takeuchi Kasu "Kurusu study course". Demonstrated at the University of Academy of Learning Faculty of "Sakura Play Project Exhibition".
2002 Annoyama Sasting "Tan Mine Cranes".
Demonstrated at the Edo Tokyo Museum "Oedo Yame Hachimachi Exhibition".
Demonstration at the 2005 French Cultural Hall (Paris)
2006 Ito Wakatsuki "Wakatsuki Picture Music" Singling
Performed at the 2010 Koriyama City Museum of Art "Hokusai Cartoon Exhibition".
Craftsman certified as an intangible cultural property of a cultural office.




Ultimate commitment.

As a jewel, it is beautiful and grilled.



The craftsmen and our commitment were just a battle that it would be good if it should be done as a U-e-e-painting plate.


Not only is just a wooden version, it is a work, sparkling like a jewelery and should continue to shine at the customer.


In such a feeling, as a special specification this time, we are inspired from the Ukiyo-e (1789-1801) called Ukiyo-e (1789-1801), and the Ukiyoe "Kitagawa Kayo" representing the beauty image, and we will spill all the background We adopted "Kira Suddling (Kimamoru)".



It is a special technique that cuts the shellfish finely and slides with the background of Ukiyoe. A cyber metallic feeling of the attacking machine was added, and the ultimate ukiyo-e has been realized in the lighting according to the lighting.


Furthermore, although it is a Ukiyo-e, it is a Ukiyo-e, it is a Ukiyo-e, it is usually a black-wire, and it is a Ukiyo-e, but this time, it does not use the ink color or thin blue of the device, and the human and the chamber of the machinery. Exquisite texture, glossy and expressed and expressed.


I would like you to see this value and you can understand the commitment.


Japan's essence to you.



[Product information]

"Ghost in the shell: SAC_2045"

"Motoko" Ukiyo-E Woodcut Print



[The number of inventors remaining only]

"Ghost in the shell: SAC_2045"

"Motoko" Ukiyo-E Woodcut Print

Sales Price: 55,000 yen + TAX, shipping

Sales Number: All World Limited 300

Sterling source: TOKYO DUB Agent Company, LTD.

Specifications: Painting (W: about 215mm × H: about 350mm)

Amount (W: about 425 mm × h: about 540 mm) with dedicated amount

Amount: wood, back edition, wooden plywood

Mat: Paper

Japanese paper: Human National Treasure Iwano City Sankei Echizen Protagon

Sculus: Suga Sakai (Ministry of Industry Certification, Traditional Certidies, Cultural Authority Selection Save Technology Certified)

Thruster: Tatsuya Ito (Tokyo Traditional Wood Edition Art Works Research Institute of Army, Tokyo Excellent Technician Governor Award Winner)


※ The product will be delivered to 100 cases in April 2021 and 100 in May and 100 and manufacturing schedules in June.

※ Please note that delivery will be changed depending on the production situation, as it will be manufactured by one piece manually by the craftsman.




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