"Ghost in the shell: SAC_2045" Ultimate Etching Glass Glass All World Limited and 10 First

“Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045” Ultimate Etching glass 全世界限定・先着10個







Japan is a glass craftsman in the world
World's first etching glass × Anime.



Beyond the wall of culture, the world's highest technology here.
Glass sculpture was developed as a technique for rusting in the 1870s America, and "bathing of free goddess" was manufactured using rust and technology (shot blasting).
However, no detailed design was made, and as a technique for processing further finely, the current sandblasting method was born. This sand (sand) blast (glow) can be used to make a glass of various designs and expanded explosively into the world.
This time, we will realize a glass craftsman as a glass crafts and develop a key-visual, and in collaboration with a craftsmen who will process sandblasting in Japan as a glass craftsman as a glass craft. I planned an epoch make lot.
[World Highest Glass Machining Technology]









For a thickness of 1 cm, a removal of a depth of 5 mm was handled with many years of technology, and the three-color processing succeeded while producing a three-dimensional feeling by further dissolving the thin part using the medicine.


The character is floating in the glass of A3, and it feels a unique transparency and texture unique to glass, and a three-dimensional feeling of sculptures.




[Standard production by LED light]
※ Image of framed framepart for our test




Normally, the edging glass is a framed image as it is and there are many exhibitions, and this time, the LED light is implemented internally to enjoy the unique scraping texture of the three-layer structure. The brightness also adjusted to the adjustable specification.


It is finished in what you can enjoy your own texture and color with a light-on, such as a room or living room.




[100% aluminum special specifications Metallic framed frameworks]



In this work, it does not look at the optimal framed equipment, including the weight of the edging glass and the protection of the glass itself, but it is manufactured from the place that is created in a complete original.


It is a specification that can be optimally exhibited while protecting the edging glass with the ultimate framed shape that mounted LED lights with 100% aluminum.





※ Making shape and scraping clay




It seems that I could not use clay to give a three-dimensional sense, and 50 times were recycled. Because the shape changes with moisture and pride, it is a game with time.





Then the shape of the clay made. Aluminum is poured into this and completed.








[Product information]

"Ghost in the shell: SAC_2045"

Ultimate Etching Glass



[The number of inventors remaining only]

"Ghost in the shell: SAC_2045" Ultimate Etching Glass "

Price: 3,000,000 yen + TAX, shipping

Size: about W410 × H535 × D90mm

Material: Frame = Outer aluminum 100% / inner acrylic plate / LED terminal

Glass = transparent glass (edging process)

Accreditation: PET sheet (using UV cut)
Suspension bracket
(Mold fitting attached to the amount)
With acrylic backstand


Limited number: 10 all over the world

※ Please request a specialist for installation on the wall. I would like self-responsibility.

※ Manufacturer warranty period: 1 year (only natural failure correspondence) (5 years LED replacement correspondence)

※ Product delivery is scheduled to be around May 2021.





【Etching glass cleaner】



Junichi Tanada


Hokkaido Otaru City was born from Sapporo. He goes to design vocational school at the same time as the Etching Glass club, joining the Glass Work Brain by the recommendation of the 1990 high school art teacher.


1998 he became an Etching Glass Department.


2003 PC • Plotter introduced. Migrating manual manuscripts and cats for sandblasting for hand-to-blasts to a PC data task.


General Manager, Manufacturing Division, 2009. He established its own production process of PC • Plotter system and enables further high-definition etched glass design and special sandblasting technology.


2019 Etched glass production is taken up on TV media and appeared




【Formatory worker】

Pepe root




It is a modeling writer, and it delivers a large object at the 30th anniversary gallery of G-SHOCK that everyone knows.



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