Ukiyo-e-writing tree print "The beauty of the same beauty Mercenuke Kasumigaoka poetry"

浮世絵木版画 『当代美人彼女揃 霞ヶ丘詩羽』
"Her brought up her" x 3 sheets of "continuation picture" techniques
The first collaboration Ukiyo-e is the first to reproduce it!
Following the first "Kato", the second "Sawamura, Spencer, and English"
The release of the third "Kasumigaoka poetry" is decided!
"Her brought up" The beauty of Kasumigaoka poetry is standing,
Modern beauty.

Illustrator Fukasaki Homoto is a poem that I drew "Flower Raw" as a concept,
Mr. Kazuo Makimi is a Ukiyo-e-writing tree print.

Look at the shore of the lake with blooming Gerbera flowers,
Bewitching Japanese clothing "Black Hair senior heroine" Kasumigaoka poetry.

The mountains who want at the distant view are the anime "I can grow her heroine"
Blessing Software members have visited Lokhan, that location.
[Ukiyoe Pictures Printed Code Production Process]
"The beauty of the people
Sorry for 78 times, and finally one wooden ukiyo-e is completed.

Moreover, all of the steps are manual.
From the hand of the master who took the technology 400 years ago, how
"What's a beautiful woman heroine alignment Kasumigaoka poetry" is produced?
I will introduce you.

First of all, the picture drawn by the painter is left to the carbird, and the number of them is
It will be carved on the plate tree (d'etch).
This time a total of 17 sheets of paper were made.
【Japanese paper】
Waspaper uses Echizen Waspaper 's finest product, "Echizen-Professional Board Board".
It has durability and can not be expressed by other Japanese paper,
It enables glowing color development and warm texture.
【Craftsman introduction】
Carbus / Watanabe Kazuo
Cultural Affairs and Developmentary Technology Group, Ukiyo-Eki Color Presidential Arrangement Technology Save Association
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Certified Edo Wood Copriability Traditional Certidant
Born in 1945 Ibaraki Prefecture, from 1960, I studied in Edo Wooden Carving Staff and Ogura Hanbe.

In 1991, we will perform a demonstration of a wood screen at JAPAN WEEK held in Esonne, France and Esonne
In the case of the line of 1992, I exhibited woodcuts as an exhibition product.
Thruster / Hideo Yoshida
Cultural Affairs and Degree of Cultural Affairs and Development Technology Certification Articles / Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Certification
Edo Wooden Print Traditional Certidant
From 1954 he studied at Watanabe Kazuo's father and 明 (sliding teacher).
He has produced works with Mr. Watanabe as a sliding of Watanabe wooden version.

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