Gamera × Artist Collaboration


Like Memorial Year,

Beyond the times and generations like Gamera

Create a monumental work to connect.


That's why

Through this project

I wanted to tell you.


Takumi beyond generation=Artists gather,

Takeover to the next generation

I created a new gamera figure.


More than 40 years have been drawn a monster

"Monster Painter", Hirosuji Hirodada

Heisei Gamera 3 part1As a work

A new picture "myth" drawn summary.


"Takejin painter" Mr. Masayuki Masayuki

Keep fighting until the end as a guardian god

Express the "preparation" of Gamera as "Takejin Painting".


And, the young talent of Heisei-born,

"ア ア ア」 "-Takumi-Mr

Release the Special Move "Ultimate Plasma"

I drew the figure of Gamera fermentally.


Three different generation artists draw

Please take a look at the figure of "Heisei Gamera".


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"Monster painter"
【Hiroshida Kaida】


Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1953.

He graduated from Kyoto City Art University,

Debut as his illustrator.


He worked on illustrations of monsters and robots,

Books, plastic model packages, posters etc

He is active in various fields.


Above all, for monster illustrations,

Has a nickname "monster painter",

Of course his special effects fans,

He has gained support from a wide range of layers.


He also plans a work exhibition themselves,

He is also actively conducting event activities.


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32,000 yen + TAX with replicated original picture • Shipping
Sheet only 20,000 yen+ Tax • Shipping
Description of item


H532 × W409mm
Art paper, wooden frame
Domestic limited30point
※ Shipping is scheduled for May 2021.

Memorage of the 3rd part of Heisei Gamera "25th anniversary"

"Monster Painter" by Hirodada Hirodada

New writer illustration.


Powerful enemy monsters centered on Gamera

Even while drawing with a dynamic touch,

The world view of 3 part work such as Mana and Gamera graveyard

Expressed in a bold composition incorporated everywhere.


Gamella fan

It is a work that condenses the 3 part of the Heisei Gamera.


【Hirodada Hirodada comment】


Everywhere in the three part production of Heisei Gamera

I made it worked.



Higuchi Mitsuden special skillsDraw on the screen

Even if the special effects scene cuts it as it is

Only an image that becomes a wonderful picture,

As an illustrator

When I try to draw a special effects of Higuchi,

To make a picture beyond the original image every time

It is a difficult enemy that is strong.


So this time I will spin the Higuchi special effects

Do not go against the image,

Reconfiguration of Higuchi Image


I tried to draw as an illustration.


Of course, it is not only cut-down,

Your arrangement and extension

It is added everywhere.


I saw it for Higuchi supervision

I was relieved in high evaluation.


"Takejin painter"
[Masayuki Masayuki]


Currently active in the old capital Kyoto,

Warriors of Sengoku period · Sangokushi such as warriors

Take a trapped girl using ink.


From a certain Italian chef dish


Up to the mat used for normal protection

I have never done it to campus

Establish a unique picture method "Do not make a frame"

Works with this bold composition gather topics.


A person who is ready to say "Takei".

"Takei Painting" means

Various "readings of preparedness" of the person


▼ Masayuki Masayuki official site ▼




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Takeshi Gamera]
Original drawing 300,000 yen+ Tax • Shipping
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【Takeshi Gamera】
Duplicate original32,000Circle+ Tax • Shipping
Description of item


Original picture
H740mm x W740mm
Duplicate original
H532 × W409mm
Art paper, wooden frame
Original picture
Domestic limited point
Duplicate original
Domestic limited 30 points
※ Shipping is2021Year5I am planning a month.

In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Heisei Gamera 3 part

With "Takejin painter" with Masayuki Masayuki

Collaboration work.


Many warriors and sambuns, charactersPreparationof

Mr. Masayuki I drew

"Gamera3 From the evil god awakening,

Fight as a guardian god of the earth

I drew a brave gamera figure.


The fine skin and solid feeling of Gamera with light tints of ink

A master technology that expresses is just a masterpiece.


[Masayuki Masayuki comment]


Gamera is a guardian god of the earth with ancient civilization,

Of the four gods'st myths transmitted in China from ancient times

It is considered to be a northern protection god "Genbu"

It is suggested that it is a god beast.


The target to be protected is not limited to humans,

All ecosystems,

As a matter of course, the earth itself is considered

Such a guardian god GameraPreparationof

The moment you see the glimpse in the work

Some are scattered.


I'm not just a monster, etc.

God who fights for the earth,

I felt that it was "Takejisu".


Heisei Gamera3The end of the club is in a full-featured creation,

A large amount of a lot in the world in Kyoto wrapped in flames

A gamera who prepared to go to Gaos to stand alone is depicted.


"Gamera is going to fight ...

Until the end ... even if you become one


A girl who once gamella and a heart

The scene says Kusanagi Bank

There are things that are broken even if you look many times.


A large amount of the number was not known

With Gaosos1Gamera who has been prepared to fight.


Currently invisible enemies in the eyes of Coronavirus

It will be overlapped with the humanity being fighting.


People who are fighting around such a world

Wishes and preparedness together,

It is a guardian god of the earth and is a warfare

GameraI put my thoughts on my mind.



【 Skill-TAKUMI]


Black expression,

Draw a work inspired by the ink painting.


Analog, of course, even digital

Pursuing a style conscious of the black expression.


Chukyo Television,

At "Boimen Japanesk",

Cartoon Cartoon Cut Illustration for Aikido Special Feature.


Appeared by ink painting special handling.


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【Ultimate Plasma】
Duplicate original32,000Circle+ Tax • Shipping
Click on the image for confirmation of design
【Ultimate Plasma】
Duplicate original picture Digital processing Ver 32,000 yen+ Tax • Shipping
Description of item


H532 × W409mm
Art paper, wooden frame
Domestic limited30point
※ Shipping is2021Year5I am planning a month.

In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Heisei Gamera 3 part

New-prominent ink painting artist

Skill-Takumi-Collaboration work with Mr..


From "Gamera 2 Legion Attack"

Gamera that emits ultimate plasma,

Expressed with a powerful dynamic touch.


In addition to normal replication originals,

Digital technology developed two types of processing.



[Suggest-Takumi-Mr. Comment]


From "Gamera 2 Legion Attack"

Ultimate plasma

Of the scene that is released

I want to put that power on the front,

To express them with white and black only

It was thoroughly coexistently.


In the replicated original image, processing with digital technology,

Easy to understand Ultimate Plasma

1I'm reproducing the scene.


Tattoos only and ink+Two different facial expressions of digital

I'm glad if you enjoy it.


© kadokawa NH / 1995

© kadokawa NHFN / 1996

© kadokawa TNHN / 1999


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