"Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045" Ultimate Tech Coat World Limited Limited Limited 1

“Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045” Ultimate tech coat 全世界限定・先着100着






Empowered the functional world view of the shell shell machine.

Overwhelming Japan Quality

Tech Court Series Treasures.





Perfect functional beauty like modern armor.


In the battle, its functionality must be more important than any element. We thought that it was also the same for those who survive the battle in this world of this world.

It can view the world like an element, a local group of content and fashion fusion. We want this court to shift the possibility of animation and fashion to a new top structure.


Lugby World Cup's opening ceremony is presented with the performance of the cropping windows, and now under the full-scale supervision of the full-scale design by the integrated artist "Sakakurakatsumi" aiming at the Japanese traditional beauty and contemporary culture all over the world Repeated Japanese traditional beauty and functional beauty, a completely new fashionable art was born.


It is the ultimate tech coat, which is a narrow of conceptual beauty sense like Mateva while securing rationality like Zastaba.








In order to create a new fashionable art that has never been done so far. Number of part constituents that are not considered in the common sense of the consistent industry, such as the total parts 90.





Buckle of magnet visceral with automatic attachment function, buttonic hook part, with German backl maker FIDLOCK supplied to famous bag manufacturers such as TIMBUK2 and ORTLIBE and ABUS helmet buckle.


The teak bag is designed to be designed to be a modern diverse movement, such as a variety of movements, a variety of modern, which can be fitted to any environment, and a just-like tech bag is designed to be fitted to the coat, and its functionality is built up to the bag inbag. It is secured.


The hood part can also be adjusted in food style and non-food, and various environments, various environments, and contemporary environments, and contemporary environments, by taking a removable independent form with a magnet that can be mounted on the buckle.




To know the pride for Japanese manufacturing.

Waterproof, sweating, and cold weather based on the highest fabric. Japan's pride that attracts the world's view of the world.



Behind the design of Japan's armor, while securing waterproofing against rain from above, it plays high sweating and moisture released by the motion of active modern people It is designed to be reasonable and novel.


In addition, the fabric itself is a special dough specification that has a stretch-like, and can continue to work while taking advantage of elasticity for various motions.


The color of the fabric repeatedly processed on the original fabric, and it is a dark blue color that expressed pride for Japanese manufacturing.






ghost in the ShellSAC_2045The logo mark of the



On the back of the nylon material3Layer structure Layer film crimped. Layer films are smaller than water, and a larger hole larger than water vapor is open, so the transient moisture permeability that does not interfere with the dissipation of sweat while preventing the penetration of rainwater.3000 mm /Water pressure10000mmHiring high spec function material that meets the standard of


Sewing specifications are also unlike normal clothes, and by applying waterproof tape to the back of the stitch, it took the most of the penetration of rainwater and pursues functional art.




The waterproofing chuck portion is prepared one by one in the outside and the inner side, and the large capacity backpack is likely to be smoothly put out separately.






[Models photo]


Joshua l watts

193 cm





Naoto Imaizumi

181 cm

M size





M size




Yuriko Tiger

S size








Katsumi sakakura




Born in 1963. From Nagoya City.
An artist that expresses a unique "motion, rhythm, spirituality" of Japanese traditional culture as a comprehensive art.
He has been learning karate from his father from his father and learns karate in earlown in earlier than 10 years old. Then he was turning to boxing at university.

From the early twenties, it tilts to HIP HOP culture, and black manetes, from the prominent black dancer, "Even though there are a lot of cool culture in Japan, why do you imitate the culture of others?" Get to pursue Japan's coolness.

At the end of trial and error, he completes the original dance style based on the way of receiving the sound of Japanese traditional culture. He also devised "Street Nunchaku" who performs dance performance using Nunchaku (Ryukyu Old Martial Arts' Self-Otegumi), who has learned at the same time as karate.
In 2004, he made a performance style "Projective Live" that has signed a video from live performance and projectors and announced L.A. at the JAPAN EXPO2004.

Thereafter this style is highly evaluated and invited from 41 countries to date and performance is performed, and appeared in 20 countries. He also conducts a lecture entitled "What is Real Japanese Cool?"
In 2019, he decorates the opening performance of the opening ceremony opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup 2019 Japan Tournament.
In 2015, we will perform the opening performance at the 128th International Olympic Committee General Meeting held at Kuala Lumpur.

There is also a one-sided with a designer, and of course, the costume of his performance is, of course, designing most of the things to wear from glasses to the coat themselves.

Official HP: http://orientarhythm.com/








【Creative Cooperation】



Amazing jiro


She is responsible for design & creative production, and directions in a wide range of fields, with face & body paint / special makeup / shaping / video / advertising / event / fashion, etc. After graduating from Tokyo Art University, he entered the path of special makeup and established a Limited Corridor. Currently, not only special makeup and modeling production, active as a creative director, active in many directions.



【Award-winning history】

"TV Champion Special Makeup King Rights" 5th · 6th Winner

Elected to "10 World Attention Artists" at "Make-Up Artist Magazine"

Japan Space Design Award 2016 BEST50 "Saegoz Glan Blue Fantasy Booth" others


Official site:https://jiyuro.net/








Masaya Ichi (Animareal)


Animareal representative. Graphic artist. He started painting from the age of 3 and he at the age of 6 and to the oil of the oil.

He went to Kyoto University of Art University and after graduation, studying abroad in London Central Saint Martins. He has been putting on Photoshop since touching Mac during home.

She now produced official art based on many manga and animation. He is a lecturer at Kyoto University of Art University and Osaka Seikea University, near Uuum.

His closed 30th anniversary photo collection "Armed Front THE REAL" is on sale from Akita Bookstore.



About Animereal

"Animareal" is a format word that combines "Anime" and "Real".

By thoroughly realizing anime and manga, we realize the aspirations of people "I want to see my favorite animation and cartoon world realistically!" We are pursuing newly expressing as art by works of works and highest levels.


Official site:http://animareal.com/









Project by Yohei Nishijima





[Product information]

"Ghost in the shell: SAC_2045"








[The number of inventors remaining only]

"Ghost in the shell: SAC_2045"


Sales price: 250,000 yen + TAX, shipping

Size: S / M / L / BIG SIZE

Material: Four Functional Fabric (Polyester), Steel, Magnet

Limited number: 100wise all over the world


Shipping costs vary depending on your residence area.

Customs other than Japan and other costs for procedure are not included. We would like to pay for your own cost.

As one-point one point is made-to-order, delivery date is2021Year7I am planning about the moon.

For details on each size, please refer to the size table. For the image for wearing, refer to each model image.


· Avoid washing and wash and wash.

· Please do not wash with other products.

· Belt can not be detached. Therefore, please avoid using the washing machine because there is a possibility of damage to the product or washing machine.

· Do not use chlorine bleach.

· Do not leave for a long time while getting wet.

· After washing, immediately make the shape and dry it.

· Please avoid tumbler drying.

· Please avoid irons.

· Please avoid dry cleaning.

· I can not iron to the attached part.

· Please be careful not to get caught with accessories and bags.

· Although waterproof is performed, waterproofness is gradually reduced due to friction and washing.













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