"Ghost in the shell: SAC_2045" Ultimate Cotton T-Shirts All World Limited / 250 first arrivals

“Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045” Ultimate cotton T-shirts 全世界限定・先着250枚





Ultimate Organic Cotton "Ultimate Pima" Weave Anti-Engineering Ultimate T-shirt.


When collaborating with the content of the world's crust shell unit, we have no compromise for this common thing called T-shirt, why do you want to finish on a project team? I was stuck.


Through this T-shirt, Japan's pride and commitment to the people who are active in Japan, they can be satisfied with people who are active around the world, are comfortable, beautiful, and more than anything happy in this wonderful collaboration miracle I want to feel it.

This is a "Texkin" that has been full of Japanese things that exceeded the mere clothes of T-shirt.


Quality, design that does not have any compromise for that.


"In my life, the best one."






I agreed with the feelings of the world's best T-shirt, combine the brand "EIJI" and tag this time.


Ultimate Organic Cotton 100% T-shirt.



World Organic Cotton

Miracle of only 0.03% production volume

"Ultimate Pima"


Ultimate material for the ultimate T-shirt.

The brand "EIJI" adopted and adopted carefully from the world, and we adopted a rare cotton "Ultimate Pima" that is only 0.03% in the global organic cotton market.


The fiber length is 38.7 mm and the organic cotton is a kind of super long cotton, which also has a longest, strength, and the length of the fiber is longer as long as the length of the fiber is longer.


In addition, in this level of luxury material, it is lighter as much as possible to reduce the fee and cost of the material, but we have no compromise, and even the best functionality of "9 sections" even in all environments Call, luxury is a special dough that bricks high density using three times the normal cotton.


You can enjoy a comfortable softness with a good feeling of slim, and you can enjoy softness softness, and the touch is soft and sloppy as if you are wearing fibers.


It is better to know the goodness of the material, and it was soft and woven thick, and I was able to finish it to the unite, which was upset with the unbieweet fabric.





In the case of Showa Emperor's Laceutchida

I will give you a goalOld-established store more than 100 years of founding

Ultimate black dyed by "Kyoto crest"



It represents the world view of the shell drilling machine, and the quality of jet black black that does not fade many times. Japan's true intramark supported by tradition and history that meets these two. More than 100 years of founding as a black-dyed specialty in the land of Kyoto.


Now proud of the big-dyed industry's big-dyed industry, Keiwaku-stained, Western-style, and Development Project The work has been made to dye the work this time in "Kyoto crest", which has been developed with all the materials of all materials.


A black that is just like jet black expression is dark, black and deeply dyed to yarn and fibers, and it is deeply dyed, and it makes it possible to feel the existence with Artomate Pima and the gods.




Furthermore, this time, the logo part is also committed to the commitment and pursues its quality.
It is not a print that uses the method of "pierdreaming", but it is not a print that deteriorates or deteriorated, but by pulling out the black color from the dark dyed fabric, it is possible to keep the logo part of the logo part of the logo of the Ultimate Pima. I was given.


As a result, even if it is washed, the shape of the logo part is not broken, and it is finished in the work that can be kept the ultimate texture, which does not feel extra texture and print touch.


"Ultimate Feature Beauty" in the Ghost Motion Corps collaboration

In stitching based on ergonomics

To a sense of fit like a modern ninja


Our commitment is to the movement of the body of the person who wears this. Raglan's shoulder stitches have been added while taking into consideration the movement of each part and each part, and when moving to any angle, it is a design that flies to the body as a sports inner. I am.


Under the full cooperation of EIJI, it is not a ready-made type, but all the ultimate T-shirts manufactured by sizing parts by order. It would be nice if I would like to enjoy the works of the object as a T-shirt and the top structure of the object as a clothing, and the work to "wearing works".








Men`s Model / Naoto Imaizumi

Ladies Model / Tomato







Katsumi sakakura



Born in 1963. From Nagoya City.
An artist that expresses a unique "motion, rhythm, spirituality" of Japanese traditional culture as a comprehensive art.
She learns karate from her father from her father and learn karate in earrise more earlier than 10 years old. Then he was turning to boxing at university.

From the early twenties, it tilts to HIP HOP culture, and even black manetes, from the prominent black dancer, "Why do you imitate the culture of others if Japan has a lot of cool culture?" Start pursue the coolness of.

At the end of trial and error, he completes the original dance style based on the way of receiving the sound of Japanese traditional culture. He also devised "Street Nunchaku" who performs dance performance using Nunchaku (Ryukyu Old Martial Arts' Self-Otegumi), who has learned at the same time as karate.
In 2004, he made a performance style "Projective Live" that has signed a video from live performance and projectors and announced L.A. at the JAPAN EXPO2004.

Thereafter this style is highly evaluated and invited from 41 countries to date and performance is performed, and appeared in 20 countries. He also conducts a lecture entitled "What is Real Japanese Cool?"
2019, she decorates the opening performance of the opening ceremony of the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup 2019 Japan Tournament.
She performs opening performance at the 128th International Olympic Committee General Assembly held in Kuala Lumpur in 2015.

There is also a one-sided with a designer, and of course, the costume of his performance is, of course, designing most of the things to wear from glasses to the coat themselves.

Official HP:http://orientarhythm.com/








Promoted by Megumi Meriyasu Co., Ltd.



Sanpei Meriyasu Co., Ltd. has consistently manufactures cutsaws such as wicking, gym clothes, T-shirt, etc., using Merris fabric since its inception in Taisho 15 years.


Whether the production itself of Japanese companies itself gradually relocates overseas, it is a tradition and solid technology that continues to create a commitment to Osaka for 90 years while strengthening collaboration between sewing and dyed factories such as dyed factories A long-established company supported.


Now, taking advantage of the knowledge and technology that we cultivated in the history, "Life, the best one" concept is the best of Japan Maid from Japan, such as the flagship of the Ultimate Cotton T-Shirt "EIJI" We are continuing to provide products.


Official HP: https://eiji-o.jp/item



[Product information]

"Ghost in the shell: SAC_2045"

Ultimate Cotton T-Shirts







[The number of inventors remaining only]

"Ghost in the shell: SAC_2045"


Sales price: 25,000 yen + TAX, shipping

Size: S / M / L / XL

Material: Ultimate Pima (Organic Cotton) 100%

Limited number: 250 full-scale clothes

※ Shipping fee will vary depending on your residence area.

※ It does not include the cost of tariffs other than Japan and other procedures. We would like to pay for your own cost.

※ For details, refer to the size table separately. Please refer to the model image for a major image.

※ Since one-point one point is made-to-order order, shipping is planned to be around May 2021.

※ There is a slight error in size due to cotton products. ※ There is contraction by washing.










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