Cowboy Bebop Ukiyo Eki Print / COWBOY BEBOP UKIYO_E

カウボーイビバップ浮世絵木版画 / COWBOY BEBOP UKIYO_E

Gem masterpiece "Cowboy Bebop]

Ukiyo -e tree prints and released in a limited quantity worldwide!



The Ukiyo -e -plate print of the masterpiece masterpiece "Cowboy Bebop" is Saturday, March 16th

It will be released worldwide from 12:00 Japan time!


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■ Thinking about the monitoring of Japanese leading science fiction animation that celebrated the 25th anniversary of 2023.

"Cowboy Bebop" is a science fiction animation work produced in 1998 by Sunrise. It is a stylish and small science fiction hard -boiled animation that has a stylish dialogue, an attractive character, and a good song sense. It has been highly evaluated not only in Japan but also in the world as a science fiction animation for more than 25 years since the broadcast.


How should we express this work, which is a world -class monument in Japan, as a ukiyo -e, a proud traditional crafts, as a proud traditional crafts. We have repeatedly held a production meeting and provided it to everyone this time as a gem work that took a long time from planning to production.



■ In producing Ukiyo -e trees

Ukiyo -e, a traditional craft representing Japan. However, the entire industry is now in danger, and the number of craftsmen inheriting this traditional technology that has been in the Edo period has shrunk to dozens of people in Japan.

While we are focusing on the development of young people, it is true that production, including raw materials, is reduced and the number is decreasing.


Along with active craftsmen (painters, sculptors, slurpers) who are now conveying the woodcuts of Ukiyo -e, the world's good use of Ukiyo -e is used from a new angle by interacting with traditional techniques and "Cowboy Bopp". To know the people inside. And we will contribute to part of the development of Japan without interrupting this world -class culture.


I want to deliver it to you. The essence of traditional Japanese crafts.



■ Points of this work

・ Ukiyo -e painting is the most representative visual


In order to leave "Cowboy Bopp" as a Ukiyo -e tree print, this key visual is a wonderful design packed with the world view of "Cowboy Bop", so we have created this time as a challenging initiative.
Please enjoy the key visuals that will be restored by the fusion of traditional technologies since the Edo period.
・ Focus on the mat part surrounding the visuals
The mat part of the work was featured in each TV series subtitle. Because it is a "cowboy bebop", the point of "cool, cool, fashionable" cannot be removed. The subtitle contains music elements, etc., and it is a very effective expression that matches the concept of space jazz, which is not a space opera, and is one of the major elements that color the work.

■ Introduction of craftsmen

Sculptor: Shoichi Kitamura
Born in Kyoto in 1968
Graduated from the Faculty of Art, Kyoto Seika University, Department of Sculpture, Modified College of Art.
Learn woodcuts with Professor Tomiyoshi Tokuri at the publisher "Matsuku"
Learn woodcuts with Akira Kurosaki
Learn a studying sculpture with Mr. Osamu Hotta at the publisher "Zaeido"
Opened Kitamura Wooden Captures Studio, and later held a workshop at our studio.
Co -produced with local writer BROOK Andrew in Melbourne, Australia
Participated as a carved instructor at Mi-Lab Artist-In-ResideNCENCE
A workshop was held at Warawara, Washington at Witman University
* Many other demonstrations / workshops will be held at exhibitions and events in Japan and around the world.
Members of the Kyoto Wood College of Science and Craftsmanship
Ukiyo -e prints printing technology preservation association Kyoto Branch Deputy Branch Director
Suriji: Makoto Nakayama
Born in Kyushu Kumamoto Prefecture in 1958
Graduated from Kyoto Seika University, Faculty of Arts, Department of Sculpture
Studied under Mr. Keizo Sato, a disciple at Sato Wood Picture Workshop, studied sliding
Demonstrate Ukiyo -e sliding at Kyoto Seika University
Exhibited in the 1st Ukiyo Eki Print Work Exhibition (Tokyo / Kyoto)
Exhibited in the 2nd Ukiyo -eki print exhibition (Tokyo, Kyoto)
Participated in the International Call for Country "IMPACT"
Demonstration and assistant by Keizo Sato
Exhibited in the 3rd Ukiyo -eki print exhibition (Tokyo / Kyoto)
Participate in the 1st International Wood Certificate Meeting and announce the joint theory with Mr. Shoichi Kitamura (sculptor).
Kyoto Prefectural Traditional Industry Excellent Technician Award
* Many other demonstrations / workshops will be held at exhibitions and events in Japan and around the world.
Ukiyo -e -shiwa printing technology preservation association Deputy Director Currently Kyoto Branch Director

Director of Kyoto Woodcut Crafts
* The above image is a prototype image under supervision. Please note that the detailed specifications may change.
"Cowboy Bip Bap Ukiyo Eki print"
Sales price: 60,000 yen + tax / shipping fee
Sales: 300 copies of the world only
With a forehead box & Ukiyo -e tree print certificate
Specifications: Picture (W: about 240mm x H: about 360mm)
Amount (W: Approximately 437mm x H: about 553mm x D: about 21mm)
Fold: Wood, backward plate / wooden plywood
Mat: Paper made
Washi: Human National Treasure Iwano Iwano Echizen Birthday
Carrier: Shoichi Kitamura
Suriji: Makoto Nakayama
Ukiyo -e version: Version Sanpo Co., Ltd.
Copy Light: © ️ Sunrise

The work will be delivered in the Ukiyo -e pattern box box.

It comes with a certificate that proves that it was produced using the technique of traditional Ukiyo -e tree prints.


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