『ONE PIECE』 Ukiyo-e Woodcut
One Piece, a manga work that Japan, which has exceeded 490 million copies worldwide, has exceeded 490 million copies. We have produced "Modern Ukiyo -e" in the collaboration with "ONE PIECE", which is the No. 1 content that represents Japan, and a collaboration with craftsmen of Japanese traditional technology "Ukiyo -Eki printing".
The last scene of the "Alabasta", which is popular in the work, is selected as a motif this time. In the last scene where Luffy and his friends leave the country, it is an impressive scene that symbolizes the one -piece one that shows that he is the first parting with his "friends" and the impressive left hand. 。
Coronavirus has put messages from Luffy to people around the world, as it has been necessary to meet people who are important and have a distance from people.
Japan's leading No. 1 content "ONE PIECE"
Japan's leading traditional technology "Ukiyo -eki prints"
An art work that represents Japan.



[What is Ukiyo -e?

Ukiyo -e's "floating world" means "reality", and it was only after the 18th century (the Edo period) that Ukiyo -e spread to many people as a popular culture.


The improvement of woodcuts technology, the fact that familiar subjects such as actors and beautiful women began to be drawn, and the popularity of people's reading was popular among people in this era. The painters who drew a picture in such a reading material became a Ukiyo -e artist.


 ・ Popular entertainment (entertainment) = modern manga, animation, games, etc.

 ・ Ukiyo -e 絵 絵 = = manga artist, illustrator


The manga/animation itself is located in the tide of Japanese entertainment, which continues from Edo, and is a modern "Ukiyo -e" itself.

By the human national treasure, by Iwano Iwano,

The ultimate Echizen raw striped book



《9th generation Iwano Iwano》


In 1978, the ninth generation Iwano Iwano was named. In June 2000, he was recognized as a holder (human national treasure) of the Echizen Book of Echizen Cultural Property of the country.


He continues to make the Echizen Bureau Book, which has been handed down in the Echizen climate.


"Kizukiho -sho" is a raw material for kozo.

Japanese paper in Japanese paper backed by Japanese tradition and history.


The brush slide is good, and in addition to the ritual ritual paper, it is also used for prints, etc. This is the ultimate Japanese paper that can withstand the pressure that can be rubbed in several hundred wooden prints, and the texture of the traditional Japanese paper in Edo. , 100 years later, I adopted this time with the thoughts that will remain in 200 years.


[Introduction of craftsmen]
Sculptor / Kazuo Watanabe
Cultural Affairs Agency/ Intangible Cultural Property Selection Technical Organization, Ukiyo -e -en -shalling plastic sculpture Preservation Association President/
The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry certified by Edo Wood Characteristics Traditional Craftsman
Born in Ibaraki Prefecture in 1945, studied under Edo Wooden Ceremony, Hanbei Okura since 1960.

In 1991
In 1992, he exhibited woodcuts as an exhibition as an exhibition.
Surijin / Hideo Yoshida
Cultural Affairs Agency/Intangible Cultural Property Selection Preservation Technology Certified Craftsman/Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry certification
Edo Wood Characteristics Traditional Craftsman
Studied under 1954 under Kazuo Watanabe's father, Yoshiaki (Suri).
Until now, he has been working with Mr. Watanabe as a Watanabe wooden version.


ONE PIECE Ukiyo -eki prints

"Ichizuno Daigai Friends Nanmark"

Sales price: 85,000 yen + tax / shipping fee

Number of sales: 300 copies of the world (150 in the Chinese area / 150 North America)

Specifications: Picture (W: about 220mm x H: about 360mm)

With a dedicated amount (w: about 445mm x H: about 560mm)

Fold: Wood, backward plate / wooden plywood

Mat: Paper made

Washi: Human National Treasure Iwano Iwano Echizen Birthday

Carrier: Kazuo Watanabe

Slut: Hideo Yoshida


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