Ultimate collaboration whiskey dedicated to old fans&Edo Glass Lock Glass Released!


As a co-planning with Indoor Co., Ltd. and Tocho Dub Agent Co., Ltd. The original "General Distiller" cooperation "General Distillery" cooperation, November 30, 2012 (Tuesday) We will start order reservation from 12:00.


Furthermore, "Cowboy Bip Original Rock" manufactured by "Edo Glass", which is a designated traditional artist, which is a designated traditional artist in Tokyo, with a solid technique that has a certain technique that has a solid technology that is passed since the Edo period. A limited whiskey & glasset set with glasses is also released.


Enjoy the ultimate whiskey and the ultimate rock glass that Japan creates.


■ Cowboy Bob P Original Blinded Wiskey


We carefully select 6 types of original sake according to the character that appears in the work, and "with the Bibbup", based on the concept that unique members are gathered on a journey,Long-grade distillerExquisite blending by the hand of the blender.


· Bibbap · Chopped time of time, 30-year-crude sabo

· Spike / dangerous charm and cigarette smoke to smoke Billy pete sake

· Fruity white wine barrel sake that associates Fay / Mysteriousness and Women's ease

· Jet / male · Mature feeling · Mature feeling · Hylland mottip from calmness from calm

· Great grilled red wine barrel sake from Ed / genius brain and previous brightness

· Ein / unique, pretty, octive sized wardy sake that combines the amount of information as a taste as a taste

In 2016, Lake Biwa and Ibuki Mountain, Nagahama's climate that runs in Nagahai Roman beer facility is fostered by the minimum domestic craft desirery. From the small pot stirr and the ultra-fine line arm of Alan-Big type type, we have a characteristic rich taste of the rich taste daily.


■ Yakuya Yakushu / Blender

His work is working as a bartender in Kanto.

He is fascinated by the depth of whiskey and hugged "I want to be involved in whiskey construction", and joined the 2017 senior detaint. He was originally in charge of prepared and distilled. And nowWorld Blended Whisky AmahaganWork as a whiskey blender, such as a series or Limited collaboration product, a blending seminar. He is a small guidance in Japan, with a big dream of the world and works with a whiskey.


Nakamura/Aging Bottling Management

His work was manufacturing automotive parts, and from that time I was drinking whiskey of various distills. He decides to work at the distiller in the trigger that I thought "I want to make my favorite things" if I work at work2019Joined the eldest ocean distiller. Currently, in charge of bottling such as single malt and World Brendet Wiskey. Anime "Cowboy Bobbup" is one of the animations that love!


■ Yuya Ihara/Distilling and aging management

In the depth of the social man of society, I was fascinated by the depth of the whiskey and if I notice it "Tsukuru side". My local community was the same Kansai, and originally supported the Great Gallery Grap.

2020Joined Nagasa distiller as a whiskey construction of a long-awaited year.

Now I am involved in creating whiskey, such as distillation and aging management.



YouTube Channel:Bar Studio TV by Miyamori 



【Product information】

Product name :Cowboy Beppe Original Blinded Whiskey

Capacity: 700 ml

Raw material: Molt, grain

Alcohol: 52%

Bottling number: 600

Suggested retail price: 25,000 yen + tax


 [Tasting note]

■ Color

Vivid Amber Color

■ Aroma

Pine and cut fresh white peach in top note. Baguette-like sweet and friendly fruity smells that have been moved in maple, with time and tea leaves, high-quality cigars, high-quality cigar smokey and powerful innocents

■ Taste
The mouth is very gentle. Creamy vanilla or muscat, comfortable tannin-like tannin using wine barrel sake.
From middle to after-sale woody, smoke-like smoky accent continues more and longer aftergle


■ Sales page


Licer Maung Ten:

※ Sales page is2021Year11Month30Day (Tue)12:00I will open it.

Delivery is scheduled for January 2022 to January 2022.



■ Cowboy Bob P Original Rockgrass


"Edo Glass" where the craftsman works alone. "Edo Glass" is a "Edo Glass", and the Glass Methods Born in the Edo period is different from the mass producer by the machine, and all the products are one of the original ones, the depth and taste that can be delivered only because it is hand-made, and the height of the design. Glass products of features.

Among the number of animation works, "Cowboy Bobbup" indicating the only presence of "only no", and the other two techniques that are the first attempt with Tajima Glass and the two techniques that are the first attempt Produced a lock glass.


"Iceble Glass"

It is a technique that expresses a mesh pattern that has been quenched and forced to break the hot glass in cold water and forcibly crushed ice. One of the representative techniques of Edo Glass that only skilled glass craftsman can produce.


"Cold skin"

A technique for wearing smooth asperities like glass surfaces.





Glass Design Images the protagonist spikes that fight against the world view of the world view and scratches such as a fierce gunshot and a glass piece that is drawn in the work of "Cowboy Bobbup". A glass design that emits a slight and sparkling shine than normal glass, even though it is a traditional technique and "cold skin" and a sense of roughness with a sense of cracking or unevenness.


The silwet of the spike love machine "Swordfish" is engraved on the bottom.




"Edo Glass" that is passed down from the Edo period. Tajima Glass is connected to the future without never scraping the traditional fire. With the hand of craftsmen with certainty skills, one by one is one by one, there are other deep taste and warmth and warm.



【Product information】

Product name :Cowboy Beppe Original Blinded Wiskey & Rockgrass

Size: Mouth 9.2cm / 9.5 cm / bottom 6.6 cm

Material: Lead Free Glass

Sales number: 120 sets limited

Suggested retail price: 38,000 yen + tax (set price)


■ Sales page


Licer Maung Ten:

※ Sales page is2021Year11Month30Day (Tue)12:00I will open it.

※ Delivery is 20221I am planning a month.



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■ Corporation: Indoor Co., Ltd. (Representative: Sagawa Ryu)

■ Manufacturer: Nagahin Roman Beach Co., Ltd. (Representative: Keisuke Ito)

■ Sterling source: Tokyo Dub Agent Co., Ltd.

■ Sold by: Rica Undten Co., Ltd. (Representative: Keisuke Ito)

Shin-Yodo Food (representative: Hiroshi Nagai)



[Contact for this matter]

Tokyo Dub Agent Co., Ltd.

In charge: Abe




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