Innocence Ukiyo Eki Print / Innocence Ukiyo_e

イノセンス浮世絵木版画 / INNOCENCE UKIYO_E
The 20th anniversary of the release. GHOST IN THE SHELL2 "Innocence"
Finally, it is the first Ukiyo -e tree print and will be released in a limited quantity worldwide!

The sequel to the world -class feature -length anime "GHOST IN THE SHELL", which was released in 1995, and the "Innocence" Ukiyo -e tree print released in 2004, will be released worldwide from 12:00 Japan time on Saturday, March 23. I will do it.


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■ "Innocence" for the 20th anniversary of the release of the release

The stage of the movie "Innocence" is a cyber -brain, and digital communication through the network is possible, even without a computer terminal, and the mechanization of the body is progressing, and people and cyborgs and robots are advanced. The world of 2032, which coexists.

Following the ukiyo -e of the "GHOST IN THE SHELL" released in 1995 and the latest work "Ghost in the Shell Sac_2045", "Innocence" appeared as the first Ukiyo -e prints.

■ In producing Ukiyo -e trees

Ukiyo -e, a traditional craft representing Japan. However, the entire industry is now in danger, and the number of craftsmen inheriting this traditional technology that has been in the Edo period has shrunk to dozens of people in Japan.

While we are focusing on the development of young people, it is true that production, including raw materials, is reduced and the number is decreasing.

Along with the active craftsmen (painters, sculptors, sliding teachers) who are trying to convey the woodcuts of Ukiyo -e to posterity, the goodness of Ukiyo -e is good from a new angle by interacting with traditional techniques and "innocence". To let people around the world know. And we will contribute to part of the development of Japan without interrupting this world -class culture.

I want to deliver it to you. The essence of traditional Japanese crafts.

■ Points of this work

・ The reason why I chose "Android" instead of the main character "Bateau" or the representative character "Kusanagi Moto" as a picture of Ukiyo -e



The movie "Innocence" is the main story of the woman's android "Type 2052, Hadari", which has run away and caused a murder case. Through the incident, the relationship between "human", "doll", "soul" and "body" is depicted from a philosophical perspective. This Android cut, which appeared in the scene with the deadly conversation in the work, is one of the scenes that symbolize the work, so it was adopted as a motif of Innocence Ukiyo -e.






The universal philosophical at the root of the work,

In this workReproduced in detail by delicate craftsmen

Please appreciate it through Ukiyo -e.




・ Floating type frame




This work has a frame method called "floating", which creates a space in front, up, down, left and right of the work. In the above -mentioned scenes, many Androids are sealed and suspended with the preserved solution for parents. I thought that the floating frame was not only reminiscent of such a scene, but also the most effective specification in expressing a doll that had no soul and became a "sky".




■ Special framed version of the regular amount and artist collaboration2kinds


 Normal amount version


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Special amount version


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This Ukiyo -e is a special frame version of the artist collaboration in 30 copies worldwide.
Sculptor Tomoichi Fujita worked on the art frame "Lattice -lattice-" for this work.

■ "Lattice -Lattice-" commentary
"GHOST IN THE SHELL" and "Innocence" were my favorite movies, so I wanted to make a pure framed work. At the same time, I have made various framed works in the past, but I also wanted to make a different expression. The modeling of the shrine that has been expressed all the time is in this amount, and when I wonder what kind of shrine I want to use, the festival scene that appears in the innocence play, the floats are in the city. I'm walking. The temple modeling is very Chinese, and the roof is flashy. I wanted to use this as one motif. The roof decoration is colorful somewhere, so I thought it would be interesting if I could make the color of the acrylic into a vicinity.

Another thing that expresses in that amount is the grid pattern of the Asian pattern, but this is also a very symbolic Asian pattern in the play. There is a lattice pattern, and it is expressed as a mixture of Gothic architecture in Europe somewhere. I don't know if the stage is Hong Kong, but the scenery that mixes with the chaotic ones is very interesting, so I studded it in my forehead.




■ Introduction of craftsmen


[Sculptor -Kaiko Suga]

After graduating from high school, he applied for an apprentice for the craftsmanship support project in Arakawa -ku, Tokyo, and became an independent training as an Edo wooden print sculptor for seven years. Currently, as one of the few Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry -certified female traditional artists, it contributes to the inheritance of Ukiyo -e tracks with an outstanding technique.

Demonstration at the Edo Tokyo Museum "Oedo Hachimachi -cho Exhibition" in 2003 (Heisei 15)

Demonstration at the 2005 Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi "Famous Edo Hundred Views Completion Commemorative Exhibition"

Demonstration at the Edo Tokyo Museum "Hokusai Manga Exhibition" in 2008 (Heisei 20) Members of the Ukiyo -Eki Sculpture Technology Conservation Association Tokyo Traditional Wooden Art and Works and Engineering Cooperatives






[Suri -master - Takuya Okada]

Born in Ibaraki Prefecture in 1983.

After graduating from high school, he studied Buddha statue sculptures at Kyoto Traditional Crafts College (currently name), and after graduation, trained the master in the Watanabe Ki.

Independent in 2012.

He has a career of about eight years and has been highly skilled as a sliding master.

The Watanabe Kinu version is a publisher of a new version of Kawase Tomoe, and has learned many blur and faint techniques used in new prints. In this work, the spraying and sticking technique of gold and platinum is based on his proposal. In addition to traditional techniques, he is a new generation of sliding masters who are actively working on new techniques.

A craftsman who has been certified by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Intangible Cultural Properties election.

・ Tokyo Traditional Wooden College of State Geisha Cooperative Association






[Showa -Mitsuko Fujiura]






[SculptorTomoichi Fujita]

1976Born in Chiba Prefecture

Graduated from Hida International Craft School Woodworking Department

◆ Award history
First24Taro Eioka Motaro Contemporary Art Award exhibition

◆ Exhibition history
Annual group exhibition "TENGAI2.0Tenmeiya Nao project(Roppongi HillsA/dGallery Tokyo)
Annual solo exhibition "The story born from a tree -Collaboration exhibition of contemporary artist Tomoichi Fujita and prefectural beauty collection writer-(Chiba Prefectural Museum of Art)
Annual solo exhibition "Various dignity"(Chiba Bank Himawari Gallery(Exhibition) Tokyo)
Group exhibition "Mitsukoshi Art110Anniversary-Hopes-Next -generation hundred selection exhibitions "(Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi)
Annual solo exhibition "Castle Man"(Gala Lee Maruhi(Exhibition)Tokyo)
Annual solo exhibition "Honor on the desk"(Gallery Mumon Tokyo)
Group exhibition "Break the night before-Next -generation artists-(Roppongi HillsA/dGallery Tokyo)
Annual solo exhibition "Fuso Country-Fuso Koku-(Nihonbashi Takashimaya Art GalleryX)
Annual group exhibition24Taro Eioka Motaro Contemporary Art Award Exhibition(Kawasaki City Okamoto Museum of Art)

2023Year solo exhibition "NEO TOKYO (Nihonbashi Takashimaya Art GalleryX ) (Osaka Takashimaya GalleryNext


◆ Information
The country where I was born and raised, Japan.

Before looking abroad, I visit shrines and temples in various places in Japan and traditional Japanese architecture.

I go to various places again and have the question I feel.
In history, how has the shrine and temples changed with the times??How has the architectural style developed into the science and other civilizations that Japan has accepted.?How do people deal with Buddhism and Shinto, religion, and how did they use religions as a symbol of authority to control the hearts of the people??

The answers to these questions are used to rebuild the expressions using modern materials and crafts, using traditional architecture and historical events.




■ Tomoichi Fujita Past work







 ■ Work information



Innocence Ukiyo Eki prints

"Ghost in the Shell 2 Solid" Normal Edition


Sales price: 65,000 yen + tax / shipping fee

Sales: 300 copies of the world only

With a forehead box & Ukiyo -e tree print certificate


Specifications: Picture (W: about 243mm x H: about 363mm)

Amount (w: about 432mm x H: about 547mm x D: 40mm)

Fold: Wood, backward plate / wooden plywood

Mat: Paper made

Washi: Human National Treasure Iwano Iwano Echizen Birthday

Carrier: Seiko Suga

Suriji: Takuya Okada




The work will be delivered in the Ukiyo -e pattern box box.

It comes with a certificate that proves that it was produced using the technique of traditional Ukiyo -e tree prints.



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Innocence Ukiyo Eki prints

"Ghost in the Shell 2 solid" Special amount


Sale price: 450,000Circular +TAX·postage

Sales: Limited to the world30Department

Specifications: Picture (w):about2433mm x H:about363mm

Amount (w):about432mm x H:about547mm x D: 40mm


Artist: Tomoichi FujitaTomoichi FUJITA


Title Lattice-lattice-            

Material acrylic             

Production Year :2024   



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