『ONE PIECE』 Ukiyo-e Woodcut
The world's world issued by a few countries. Non-conflicted NO.1 "One Piece", which is one content, and the traditional traditional technology that represents Japan, "Modern Ukiyoe" by collaboration with the craftsmen of "Ukiyo-e-style print".
The choice of this time as a motif is the last scene of "Arabaster" highly popular. Luffy is an inspiring scene that symbolizes the one piece that indicates the first "friend" and the impressive left hand to leave the country, and symbolizes the one piece that symbolizes the impressive left hand. .
With coronavirus, it was necessary to put a distance from people who needed to meet people with the important people, and have received messages from Luffy to people around the world.
NO.1 content "One Piece" representing Japan
Traditional technology that represents Japan "Ukiyo-e-style print"
Art works representing Japan.



【With Ukiyoe Painting

The Ukiyo-e's "Floating" means "Reality", and it spreads to many people as a popular culture as a popular culture, and from the 18th century (Edo period).


It has been taken that it has improved wood screen technology, a familiar subject such as actor and a beautiful woman was drawn, and in this era, a lot of readings for the public have been fashioned between people. The painters who had drawn pictures in such a readings became a rocker of Ukiyo-e.


 · Popular entertainment (entertainment) = modern cartoon, animation, game etc

 · Ukiyoji = Cartoonist, Illustrator


The cartoon / animation itself is in the trend of Japan's entertainment continuing from Edo, and it can be said that it is a modern "Ukiyoe" itself.

By Hirai, National Treasure Iwano City,

Ultimate Echizen-Printow



"Keisten Iwano City Tei"


Instead of the 1978 he won the Keiji Iwano City. In June 2000, it has been certified as a holder (human national treasure) in the country's important intangible cultural property "Echizen votes".


Continue to make "Echizeno Sakai Board" that has been received from generations in the culture of Echizen.


"Birthplace of life (Kozuki Hososhi)" is a raw material, and is strained.

Japanese newspaper in Japanese tradition and historical Japanese paper.


The brush is also good, and in addition to the paper-forish paper, it is used for printed prints, and the ultimate Japanese paper that can withstand the pressure sliding in a wooden version is used this time, and the texture of the traditional Japanese tradition of Edo et al. , 100 years later, I was able to adopt this time with the appearance that continues to be remained in 200 years.


【Craftsman introduction】
Carbus / Watanabe Kazuo
Cultural Affairs and Developmentary Technology Group, Ukiyo-Eki Color Presidential Arrangement Technology Save Association
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Certified Edo Wood Copriability Traditional Certidant
Born in 1945 Ibaraki Prefecture, from 1960, I studied in Edo Wooden Carving Staff and Ogura Hanbe.

In 1991, we will perform a demonstration of a wood screen at JAPAN WEEK held in Esonne, France and Esonne
In the case of the line of 1992, I exhibited woodcuts as an exhibition product.
Thruster / Hideo Yoshida
Cultural Affairs and Degree of Cultural Affairs and Development Technology Certification Articles / Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Certification
Edo Wooden Print Traditional Certidant
Deric by Father and Difference of Watanabe Watanabe since 1954.
He has created works with Mr. Watanabe as a sliding of Watanabe wooden version until now.


ONE PIECE Ukiyo-eki Prints

"繋 大 仲 仲 ノ ノ ノ"

Price: 85,000 yen + TAX, shipping

Sales number: total world limited 300 parts (150 parts of China / 150 North American)

Specifications: Painting (W: about 215mm × H: about 350mm)

Amount (W: about 425 mm × h: about 540 mm) with dedicated amount

Amount: wood, back edition, wooden plywood

Mat: Paper

Japanese paper: Human National Treasure Iwano City Sankei Echizen Protagon

Sculus: Watanabe Kazuo

Thruster: Hideo Yoshida


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Eureka Artist Collaboration

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