Attack on Titan Ukiyo Eki Print "Giants Invasion Big Figure" 300 pieces all over the world

進撃の巨人 浮世絵木版画「巨人襲来之図」全世界限定300枚

Collaboration works with the popular "Attack on Titan", which are popular worldwide, will be released worldwide from 12:00 noon Japan time on Saturday, February 25.

"The essence of Japan to you."

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We have created a collaboration between "Attack on Titan", a leading work in Japan, and a collaboration with craftsmen of the Japanese traditional technique "Ukiyo -eki printing".

Ukiyo -e production continues to take on new challenges while protecting traditions to inherit the traditional crafts of Ukiyo -e and the traditional crafts technology.Version Co., Ltd.Is working on it.

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■ Japanese painters have newly drawn down as the motif of Kuniyoshi Utagawa's masterpiece "Soma no Furudairi".

Ukiyo -e artist Ukagawa Kuniyoshi, who is led by the late Edo period, is called a "strange painter" and is extremely popular in modern times. His masterpiece, "Soma no Furuuchi," (1845-46), depicts the vassal of Gen Yorinobu, Taro Oukukun, is described in the extermination of the skull. It is one of the most popular Ukiyo -e in Japan. This time, Japanese painter Akira Shiozaki draws an original picture that greatly matches this masterpiece and the world of attacking giants, and has a collaboration between works that represent Japan, which has passed about 200 years. 。

■ Kuniyoshi Utagawa

Ukiyo -e artist who played an active part from the late Edo period to the end of the Tokugawa period. Kuniyoshi Utagawa (1797-1861) is known as a "strange painter" and "Kuniyoshi of the warrior painting" beyond the long -time loading. Ukiyo -e artist who is popular outside

In this project, when producing precious works of 300 copies worldwide, as a motif that conveys the splendor of Ukiyo -e from Japan to the world, we will focus on the similarity between this work and the "Attack on Titan". I did it.

The composition of this work is arranged in the battle between the investigative corps and the giant, according to the "Attack on Titan". By making the size of the angle of view about twice as large as the normal ukiyo -e, the overwhelming power and presence were used inside. A whole body, newly drawn by Japanese painter Akira Shiozaki, who is also active as a Ukiyo -e artist. I hope you can enjoy it.

artist / Ken Shiozaki

Born in Machida City, Tokyo in 1972

Completed the Graduate School of Art, Tama Art University

Focusing mainly on Japanese paintings from the Heian to the Edo period, re -evaluating the diversity of the theme and the height of the crafts, reconstruct the style and essence of the time, and for the aesthetic and sensitivity of modern Japanese people. A Japanese painter who presents the existence and possibility of "Japanese painting" in the world of art by producing a plane painting work to appeal.

Work office storehouse

Rinzai Sou Myoshinji Temple Ryugenji Temple(Tokyo)/Religious corporation Yoshinoyama Shorenji Temple(Hiroshima)

Shingon sect Inariyama Komeiin(Kanagawa Prefecture)/Jodo sect Fudonji Temple(Yamaguchi Prefecture)

Sculptor / Shoichi Kitamura

Born in Kyoto in 1968.
Graduated from Kyoto Seika University, Faculty of Art, Science, Science and College.
Learn woodcuts with Dr. Tomoyoshi Tokuri at the publisher "Matsuku".
Learn woodcuts with Akira Kurosaki.
Learn a studying sculpture with a sculptor, Osamu Hotta, at the publisher "Jieido".

Kyoto Wood Print and Critical Arts Association Members / Ukiyo -E -Eki Cutting Sculpture Technology Association Kyoto Branch Deputy Branch Director

Slutter / Makoto Nakayama

Born in Kyushu Kumamoto Prefecture in 1958.
Graduated from Kyoto Seika University, Faculty of Art, Department of Arts, Western painting.
Studied with Sato Waki ​​Chart Studio, a disciple, Kagezo Sato, studied and studied sliding.

Ukiyo -e -printing printing technology preservation association Deputy Director of Kyoto Branch Director / Kyoto Woodcut Crafts Association

Echizen Japanese paper craftsman / Human National Treasure Nine generation Ichibei Iwano

Born in Imadachi -cho, Fukui Prefecture (now Echizen City).

In response to the harsh guidance of his father Yatsushiro Iwano Iwano (holder of the important intangible cultural property "Echizen Book") and his uncle, Masao Iwano, he learned the traditional Echizen book production technique.

He is the only engineer who researches traditional techniques deeply and concentrates on straining an Echizen book.

The highest quality Japanese paper is also stored in the Louvre Museum as the world's best restoration paper.


Attack on Titan Ukiyo Eki prints
"Giants Invasion Big Figure"

Sales price: 60,000 yen + tax / shipping fee
Sales: 300 copies of the world only
Specifications: Picture (W: about 510mm x H: about 245mm)
With a dedicated amount (w: about 653mm x H: about 383mm)
Fold: Wood, backward plate / wooden plywood
Mat: Paper made
Washi: Human National Treasure Iwano Iwano Echizen Birthday
Pictor: Akira Shiozaki
Carrier: Shoichi Kitamura
Suriji: Makoto Nakayama

* The shipping cost will vary depending on the customer's residence area.

* Customs duties other than Japan or other procedures are not included. We look forward to your own cost.

* Products will be shipped after April 2023.

* Please note that the delivery schedule may be changed depending on the production status, as the craftsman will be produced by hand.

* Cancellation and change of order for customer's convenience cannot be accepted because it is completely made -to -order production. When ordering, please check the product name, product content, amount, order quantity, payment method, etc. before ordering.

* Please inform us of cancellation request within one week after purchasing the product.

[Notes on multiple purchases]
Since it will be made limited to order, even if you wish to purchase more than one, please use up to 3 points per person.

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© ︎Soro Isayama / Kodansha / "Attack on Titan" The Final Season Production Committee

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